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I wanted to share with all of you some wonderful feedback I received regarding our students this past weekend at the State Volleyball Tournament.  During the day on Friday, I received the following email:

Hello. My sister and I are currently having lunch at Perkins in Bozeman. We were surrounded by many Red Devils...I want to compliment their behavior. Their conversations and demeanor were wonderful. As they left, I asked one what had brought them to town. Well done. Janice Crawley

Later in the weekend when our Band and Cheer teams were checking out of their hotel, the management remarked to our band director that our kids "were the best they ever had."  While we were checking out of our team hotel for volleyball, the hotel management remarked to me that when they were setting up the rooms for all the teams they said they wished that Glendive was staying with them because "they have the best kids!"  When they found out that "Dawson County" and "Glendive" were one in the same they were truly excited to have us.  It's really great to know that our kids are being recognized at great people who represent our community and school with such pride and class!

I truly feel blessed to be leading a school with such great kids!

Mr. Murphy