Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Levy And A Bond?

What Do The Ballots That Will Be Mailed Out Look Like?

What Are The 2 Bond Measures That Will Be On The Ballot?

Who Pays For The Majority Of The Taxes In Dawson County?

What Is The "Taxable Value" That I Keep Hearing About And How Do I Calculate It? How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

I want to support the schools, but I just don't have the money. Is there any tax assistance programs out there?

Last time the district went out for bond the price they were asking for was $33 Million. Why is it $55 Million now?

Is the district looking for grants? Why are they just relying on taxpayers to pay for this?

I was looking at the plan and it looks like there are more "wants" than needs. Can't the district take some of this off?

Can we fundraise for the money instead of running the bond?

I was told that this bond is really going to be $83 Million and not $55 Million. Is the district lying and is this going to cost me more a month?

Why are we spending money on the Lincoln School Site when we aren't going to use it anymore?

Where is the bond money going to go? Can the district use the money for anything else?

Why are we building this on the Jefferson School Site? Shouldn't we be building this in town?

How do we know the projects will not exceed the dollar amounts that were stated in the Bond?

I don't have any kids in school, why should I put money into the schools? What do I get from it?

I keep hearing that some of the schools are going to fail soon. Is that really true?

I Believe in Glendive, I just don't understand how this will help Glendive improve?

There used to be way more students in the high school. Why don't we move the middle school into the high school?

We do not need new schools, the district just needs to take care of the buildings better.

This is way too expensive. There are local contractors telling me that they can do it cheaper than what the school district is asking.