Last time the district went out for bond the price they were asking for was $33 Million. Why is it $55 Million now?

The short answer is that both construction costs and critical needs have increased dramatically in the intervening years.

Inflation in construction has risen significantly in the 3 ½ years since the last bond vote, and critical needs have grown as well.

The team had multiple discussions about this and what to do. If the district proposed a bond at a lower amount we know other needs would arise almost immediately. That would mean that the district would face having to go back to the taxpayers to again ask for more money. Each time would be more bandaids that wouldn’t achieve any long-term goals. When the bandaids fail at one or more of the buildings the district may not even be able to address the problem because the bonding capacity would have been exhausted on short-term solutions. The only option would be to bring in modulars or farm our students out to different buildings around the community. The school district could end up in this holding pattern for years.

The committee did a lot of work to try and find the best solution for the taxpayers in Dawson County. This current plan was put together with the taxpayers in mind. By eliminating the most critically failing building, this plan gave us the best chance to have a long-term solution for the next 20 years. In addition, operating costs should be lower each year, saving the district money in other ways.

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